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Disodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate (DLS)


1. Quite gentle to skin even in hign consistence.

2. Low irritation and markedly reducing the irritation of other surfactants. Especially compounded with SLES, it has a more obvious effect.

3. Excellent emulsification, dispersion, wetting and solubilizing performance.

4. Medium decontamination and low degreasing power. Excellent cleaning ability and easy to rinse.

5. Good efficiency of dispersing calcium soap and anti-hard water.

6. Enhancing the attached components in shampoo, and reducing the hair color fading rate.

7. Medium foaming property and perfect solubility and viscosity adjusting functions.


Item Specification
Appearance  25℃ Colorless to yellow transparent viscous liquid
Content of active matter, % 30±1
Content of solid,% 34±2
Sodium sulfate, % 1.0 max.
Sodium sulfite, % 0.3 max.
PH value (25℃,10% aq.sol) 5.0-7.0
Color, Hazen 100 max.


1. With medium decontamination and weak degreasing power, widely used in shampoos, bubble-bath liquid, hand washing, facial cleanser, dishware detergent, surgical cleaning products, cosmetics products and household cleaning products.

2. Disodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate also can be used as emulsifier, dispersant, wetting agents, foaming agents and so on.Mainly used in coatings, textile, paper, leather and oil exploration industries.

3. Owning to its good lubrication, anti-hard water and excellent solubilizing performance, DLS can also be used as industrial liquid detergent.

4. The recommended dosage is:

① 4-10% in shampoo and 4-8% in bubble bath.

② 0.5-5% in the cosmetics.

③ PH value should lower than 7.

Packing & Storage

Item Packing Quantity/FCL N.W./FCL G.W./FCL
DLS 200Kgs/plastic drum 80 Drums 16.00MT 16.80MT
Storage Stored in dry and cool place, kept away from sunshine and rain.

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