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Dodecyl Sulfobetaine (DSB)


Dodecyl sulfobetaine DSB is quaternary zwitterionic surfactant, the products have quaternary ammonium salt cation and sulfur anionic, which are excellent anti-hard water, calcium soap dispersancy, lower irritation, sensible cooperativity; they have excellent detergency, chemical stability in strong acid and alkali; they have excellent foaming, thicken effection when they compound with other surfactants in wider range of PH value. The biological degradability of the product is more than 90%.


Dodecyl Sulfobetaine can be used in shampoo, bath shampoo, cleaner emulsion, skin cares; liquid soap; anti-static agent; alkali or strong acid industrial detergent etc.


Item Specification
Appearance Clear, light yellow liquid
Content of active matter, (Wt %) 28--32
Content of ammonium, (Wt %)≤ 1
 Sodium chloride, ( % )     ≤ 5
PH (10% aqueous solution) 6--8

Packing & Storage

Package With barrel, net weight 200Kg per barrel.

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