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Dodecyl Sulfuric Triethanolmine K12-T/40


1. Excellent decontamination, emulsification, wetting, anti-hard water and foaming property, rich and fine foam.

2. Wide compatibility and good biodegradable ability.

3. It endows hair the feeling of tenderness and easiness for combing and endows skin smooth and comfortable feeing.


Item Specification
Appearance 25°C Colorless or light yellow liquid
Odor no special odor
Active matter, % 39-41
Free oil, % 2.0 max.
Triethanolamine sulfate, % 2.5 max.
pH (25°C, 10% solution) 5.5-7.5
Color, Klett (5% am.aq.sol) 20 max.


Widely used in shampoo, bubble bath and facial cream, especial used in lower irritation shampoo and baby bath gel.

Packing & Storage

Item Packing Quantity/FCL N.W./FCL G.W./FCL
K12-T/40 200Kgs/plastic drum 80 Drums 16.00MT 16.80MT
Storage Stored in dry and cool place, kept away from sunshine and rain.

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