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Laurylamidopropyl Amine Oxide (LAO-30)


Laurylamidopropyl Amine Oxide is a liquid,readily compatible with anionic,amphoteric,nonionic surfactant preparations.

LAO-30 is particularly recommended as a foam boosters and thickering agent for anionic surfactants.

LAO-30 is suggested for the productions of bubble baths,liquid hand soaps and shampoos.


Items Specification
Colour(APHA)  Max200
PH value  6.0-8.0
Spec.gravity at 25℃ 0.90-1.05g/cm3
Free amine    Max0.8%
Active content   29-31%

Packing & Storage

Package Packed in 200kg plastic drums or according to your demand.

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General Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What are the product features?

1. Good compatibility with anionic, cationic, zwitterionic and nonionic surfactants.
2. It can produce rich, thick and delicate foam. It has an obvious thickening effect on an appropriate proportion of anionic surfactants.
3. It can effectively reduce the irritation of other surfactants in the product.
4. It has good antistatic property and is an ideal conditioning agent.
5. Good low temperature stability.

Q:What is Laurylamidopropyl Amine Oxide used for?

Laurylamidopropyl Amine Oxide is very mild to the skin and hair. When used as an emollient, it can give the skin a smooth and comfortable feeling. It can also make shampoos prepared with general raw materials produce dense creamy foam. It is suitable for shampoos and makes hair more supple. , easy to comb, fine and shiny foam, can also be used in hard surface cleaners such as shower gel, facial cleanser, hand sanitizer, baby toiletries, tableware, toilets, building exterior walls, etc. to thicken the product, reduce irritation and Synergy. Compared with the traditional 6501, it has the characteristics of low dosage, high efficiency, strong wetting power and strong detergency. It also has a good hand and soft properties.