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Sodium Alpha-Olefin Sulfonate AOS


Items Specification
92% 35%
Appearance 25℃ Yellowish powder Yellowish transparent liquid
Odor Characteristic odor Characteristic odor
Active matter, % 92±2 35±1
Petroleum ether soluble substance,% 3.0 max. 1.5 max.
Sodium sulfate, % 5.0 max. 1.5 max.
Free alkali (by NaOH),% 1.0 max. 0.3 max.
Color, Hazen (5%Am.aq.sol) 90 max. 60 max.
Water content,% 3.0 max. /

Foaming Characteristic of AOS:

AOS, LAS, K12, AES and other anionic surfactant have good foaming ability; by comparison, foam abilities of AOS14-16 & AES are the best. Under the condition of hard water and soft water, AOS14-16, AOS14-18 and AES foaming force changed little. Due to LAS and K12 hard water resistant ability is poorer, foaming force decreased significantly in hard water. In the presence of sebum, AOS foaming ability is slightly higher than AES and AS.

Biodegradability of AOS:

Among anionic surfactant, Biodegradability is AS>AOS>MES>AES>LAS>ABS (“>”means better)

AOS biodegradation rate and ultimate biodegradation degrees were significantly better than that of LAS, it can be degraded completely disappear 5-7 days in the natural environment, will not pollute the environment. While LAS 100% degradation need 20-22 days.

Packing & Storage

Packing In 25kg plastic bag for 92% powder AOS;
In 200kg plastic drum or IBC drum for 35% liquid AOS.

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